Sharing your home with your pet bunny!

There are many reasons why you should get your pet rabbit settled indoors with you. It protects them from harsh weather conditions and they also become a more integral part of your family.
So how could you make your pet bunny feel more at home? There are a few easy steps you must take:

Restricted areas:
Make sure to block off areas you don’t want your little pet to venture to. Rabbits can jump up to 36 inches or higher, don’t let their curiosity harm them.

Wire covers:
As cute as your bunny is, they often love to be mischievous and with teeth as sharp as theirs it’s best to cover up any exposed wire.

Make a routine:
Your bunny should be able to anticipate their feeding, play time, and grooming, this familiarity helps them ease up more.

Buddy for your bunny:
Rabbits are social animals and enjoy company. if you love their company too, you could consider adopting a friend for your bunny. It brings out the best in them.

Keep detergent/medicine away:
Household cleaning detergents and medicine meant for humans or other animals should be kept out of reach of your bunny. If they happen to come in contact with such products that could harm them, contact the vet asap.

Beware of house plants:
Many house plants can be toxic for your bunny if they decide to eat it. So it’s important to keep them away for any house plant so nothing in their surrounding can hurt them. Always remember, a free and safe bunny is also a happy and playful one.

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