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Freedom From Cone

The dreaded cone of shame or e-collar is usually what veterinarians prescribe after surgery, bruises, spay, neuter, hotspots, etc. to prevent your pets from licking or biting their wounds. We are here to change that and make your pet’s recovery journey as safe and as pleasant as possible. Introducing our MAXX Freedom Shirts that allow your furry friend to heal comfortably and are easy to wear. Just check out the video.

Our Freedom Shirts

MAXX Dog Shirt

Recovery suits are excellent alternatives to the ‘cone of shame. With cones, eating and sleeping become impossible for your pets.

MAXX Cat Shirt

Surgical recovery suits are designed to make your pet feel comfortable after treatment or a surgical operation while protecting their healing wounds.

MAXX Rabbit Shirt

Allows air to circulate freely on your pet’s wounds or hot spots while still keeping it dry, making it easy for your pet to move around and go about their routine.

Taking Care PET

E - Collar Alternative

It is embarrassing for your pet to bump into everything while wearing the “Cone of Shame”. The plastic material used to make a cone can also rub against your pet’s skin, causing painful rashes. Unlike cones, Maxx Pet recovery suits give your pets the flexibility to eat, drink, play, and go about their day-to-day activities normally.
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Get your MAXX Pet Suit experience today!

96% cotton and 4% lycra

Stylish Collar

Machine washable and autoclavable

Stretchable fabric doesn’t restrict movement

Zipper for wound inspection

Internal pocket to keep gauge or ice packs

Unique clips at rear to fasten & unfasten

Easy roll up for pee or poop

Vet Recommended

Two tail straps to accommodate higher tails

Patented and Trademarked Design

Best alternative to E-collar


The cat’s shirt has a larger tail opening at the rear so they can use the litter box without having to remove or open the shirt.

MAXX Pet Shirt is designed to provide full protection. When dogs need to go out to pee or poop, owners can easily roll up the two straps on either side of the tail up the torso and put it back on securely when coming back inside.

This is useful to insert a gauze when there is excessive discharge from the wound. The internal pocket is also useful to prevent the wound from swelling by keeping an ice pack.

Yes, it is washable in cold water. Clients typically purchase two shirts so the patient is always covered as when one is used the other could be washed. To avoid damages to the fabric, all the snaps should be tightly put before washing

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