MAXX Recovery Suit Cat


A multipurpose alternative to the elizabethan collar or cone of shame designed to protect and cover affected area while your pet recovers with ease.

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What makes us different

Designed to provide maximum relief during recovery


  • Neutering / Spay

  • Abdominal Surgery

  • Medical Procedures on other body parts (neck, chest, torso)

  • For wounds with or without surgical seam


  • Skin problems like road rash & friction burns

  • Allergy

  • Hot spots

  • Covers ointments used for medicinal purposes

  • Reduces scratching / biting / shedding


  • Incontinence and other urogenital and perennial issues

  • Protection during heat

  • Gives nursing females a breather

  • Snug fit gives warmth and comfort from anxiety

  • Can be used as a thunder shirt to reduces anxiety from loud sounds.

  • Ensures Breathability and keeps the wound dry


Why should you try MAXX Recovery Suits?






Frequently asked questions

Yes, dogs, cats and rabbits can tolerate the shirt. It’s the same as a ‘onesie’ or a suit, except that the MAXX Pet shirt is anatomically designed for cats, dogs and rabbits. We recommend putting the medical shirt on your pet soon after the surgery or medical procedure. This gives the pet a warm and secure feeling. Pay special attention when a wound is irritating your pet, as they may try to scratch, lick and sometimes bite around the affected area.

The cat’s shirt has a larger tail opening at the rear so they can use the litter box without having to remove or open the shirt.

MAXX Pet Shirt is designed to provide full protection. When dogs need to go out to pee or poop, owners can easily roll up the two straps on either side of the tail up the torso and put it back on securely when coming back inside.

This is useful to insert a gauze when there is excessive discharge from the wound. The internal pocket is also useful to prevent the wound from swelling by keeping an ice pack.

In the case of excessive licking or excessive discharge from the wound, we recommend insertion of gauze or a sanitary pad in the pocket to keep the wound dry as the shirt is double layered. Also to prevent the wound from swelling, an ice-pack can be inserted.

This will enable the vet to check the wound easily without having to open the entire clothing. The zipper is also useful when changing gauze or placing an ice pack near the wound. Ensure that you place your finger beneath the zip lock (while closing the zip) to avoid entangling hair in the zip.


Unfortunately this can occasionally happen if the animal is irritated by the recovery suit, however the vast majority of animals adjust easily and quickly to the shirt.

Yes, it is washable in cold water. Clients typically purchase two shirts so the patient is always covered as when one is used the other could be washed. To avoid damages to the fabric, all the snaps should be tightly put before washing.

We guarantee the manufacturing quality of our product and provide replacements for any manufacturing defects within 7 days of purchase, provided it is informed by mail to us within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to change the size or exchange it after you have opened the sealed packet. Thus, we highly recommend that you utilize the sizing chart so you can “measure twice and order once.”We always advise choosing a tighter fit because it is a 4-way stretchable fabric and may stretch after use.

MAXX Pet Shirt is available in 11 sizes for dogs, 5 for cats and 6 for rabbits to ensure a proper fit for nearly all cats, dogs and rabbits. To determine the correct size, please measure the animal as per the sizing instructions and then place the order. If the sizing falls in between, it is recommended to select a larger size if your pet is bulky but a smaller size if your pet is on the slimmer side, though the recovery medical suit gives a snug fit.

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Steps to be followed to make an order and payments –

  • Recheck the size and color you wish to order
  • Add the quantity to the cart.
  • As you add, it will show the price and the total amount payable for the size.
  • You can pay through your PAYPAL account or through your debit or credit card – a secured account for payment

Steps for Shipping of your product –

  • Once your order is complete you will get your order Number and a mail for tentative shipping date
  • Clothing is shipped within 48 hours and should reach you within 8-10 days approximately.
  • A shipping Tracking number with the Courier service agency name will be mailed to you.

Shipping in India is free. Shipping to any other country is $7 as shipping charges for the first piece and additional $4 for every piece after that

The price range is mentioned for every product. Once you select the size and the colour it shows you the exact price. Then when you check your cart , it will show you the total amount with the shipping charges.

Orders placed will be shipped within 48 hours of order received and will reach you within 8-10 working days.

Online: Through our contact form. We are available on Amazon as well

By Email: We constantly check emails and respond to your requests immediately. Simply email us at and we will call you back to confirm your order. 

Add to Cart: You can add to cart the size and quantity required

Online – through our PAYPAL account or with your debit or credit card – a secured account for payments                                

Through swift transfer – email us for the same at

What you get




Based on 16 reviews
A great recovery suit!

This recovery suit came in handy after our dog was de-sexed and shortly after managed to chew away the infamous recovery cone. This is a well made suit. The best part was the buckle at the back which allowed us to open the area without taking the entire suit off. It kept our dog kinda cozy as well during these chilly Winter days. My only thing is we wish it was made of a more durable thicker, water resistant material other than regular jersey. Other than that it is excellent! We still use it to keep our dog calm and cozy. Highly recommend!

MAXX Recovery Shirt Dog
Amazon Customer
Perfect fit and great quality product

Great quality product and perfect fit for our Great Dane. Only grievance is the buckle system is a little cumbersome to tuck out of the way when pooch needs to go outside to the toilet, but not a huge problem for the price.

MAXX Recovery Shirt Dog
Felicity Parker

Brought this fir my little girl Amber when she had her surgery. Very convenient and useful.

Great product

Great product, very happy it did the job well.

Comfy recovery suit

My pup has been wearing this suit after his desexing. It is comfy, good material and fits him perfectly. I have been putting a washable and re-usable dog waist wrap under the suit which provides full protection against leakage and they work really well together for those times where I don't catch him before he pees. Thank you for this quality product

Much better then pet wearing plastic cone after operation

Bought this, as our dog didn't like having plastic cone around her head. This recovery suit is much better, plus can take it off after a few days and wash it. Stops pet from licking or biting wound or stitches

Worked great

Worked so well for our Labrador after his surgery. I was worried he would still be able to get to his stitches but worked well. Was comfortable for him and so much better than a cone!

Worked perfectly for my whippet

The suit fitted very well (snug with no gaps to stick his nose into) and my dog left his stitches alone. Previously, he cried constantly and was always caught on furniture while wearing his cone of shame. As soon as the recovery suit went on, he was relaxed and able to sleep in his normal, wacky positions. We folded it forward over his shoulders when he needed to go toilet. Washes easily and dries super fast- we got two.

MAXX Recovery Shirt Dog
Shalini Joseph
Brilliant alternative to the e collar

Very nice suit and so so much better than the e-collar, especially when your puppy is anyway recuperating and unwell. Band provides abdominal support. Cons: 1. might be a hit and miss in getting the right size. 2. Tends to sometimes get wet when my dog (female) pees. Did some minor alteration myself

Quality garment for dogs

Received delivery promptly. At first appearances, garment is extremely good quality, very well made with a soft, stretchy fabric. Sizing is a little snug, so have just ordered a second, but one size up. The packaging suggests to order two anyway, which makes sense as they will need to be washed daily to maintain hygene (so wounds remains as clean as possible).

MAXX Recovery Shirt Dog
Lavanya Sriram
Must have product before you get your pet spayed

We got our Indie spayed last Monday. She was not very happy wearing the cone at all and she kept whining all day and all night. I was unaware of this product. But I knew there has to be a better way to handle the post-surgery recovery. That's when I found this product. My Indie is wearing S+ but an M would have been an even better fit for her. She weighs about 21 kgs. She became so much more comfortable and the suit prevented her from licking the surgery area. I would definitely recommend this to anyone getting their pet spayed. Even after the recovery, this can be used for winter.

Use it to stop dog scratching herself

Easy to put on, dog doesn't mind, helps to stop her scratching herself.


This was a lifesaver. I didn’t want to use an Elizabethan collar/the cone of shame with my dog as she is still a pup and a bit boisterous so I didn’t want her to hurt my other dog, kids or us with the cone! The fabric is not too stretchy so it fit her well.

MAXX Recovery Shirt Dog
Rachael Pery-Johnston
Superb and so much kinder than the “cone”!

This was such good value and fit our medium size dog just as advertised. She was unable to get at her wound at all and it healed up beautifully. And so comfy. Only regret was not getting 2 of them.

So much better than an E Collar!!!

My female dog was recently spayed and this has been a godsend as she did not tolerate the E Collar the vet supplied us with. The suit is so easy to put on and is very comfortable for her to wear and doesn't make her hot. Easy to open the end for toilet trips. Have ordered a second one so can rotate for washing etc. Highly recommended if you don't want to inflict your dog with the cone of shame.

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MAXX Recovery Suit Cat
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