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About Us

About Us

MAXX - Freedom shirts are postoperative wear made for your furry friends to get rid of the cone of shame. A trademarked, patented design and breathable high-quality fabric that allows ventilation to the wound with immense comfort. MAXX medical pet care clothing is processed at a comprehensive ‘OEKO-TEX’ certified unit fulfilling annexure XVII of ‘REACH’ Certification. The fabric is GOTS Approved. MAXX Pet recovery shirts are made to hug your pet’s curves and make the healing process as easy as possible. The soft, breathable, hypo-allergenic and four-way stretchable onesie offers comfortable and cosy recovery of the wound. Our recovery shirt or after surgery wear for dogs, cats and rabbits are recommended and widely endorsed by veterinarians, pet shops and online pet stores.
About us

Why Choose MAXX Pet

Patented Design
MAXX Pet products come with an exclusive and patented design meant to provide a seamless recovery journey for your pets.
Best Recovery Suits
Efficiency and comfort are at top-most priority at MAXX Pet. We give your pets the flexibility to eat, drink, play, and go about their day-to-day activities normally.
Recommended by Veterinarians
The preferred recovery suit by vets as we share a common goal to take care of your little buddies.
Taking Care PET
Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, comfortable medical pet care clothing for your furry friend’s well-being and recovery. We are passionate about treating animals with care and compassion

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