At MAXX, where we are committed to providing the very best in comfortable and safe medical pet care products for your furry friends. Founded in 2018, our mission is to spread relief to pets and give back the unconditional love they give us every day.

We believe that every pet deserves the very best care and attention, which is why we carefully curate all of our products to meet our own high standards before we offer them to yours. We understand that pets are more than just animals; they are beloved members of the family who deserve nothing but the best.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every product we offer is of the highest quality and provides the utmost comfort and safety for your pets. 

Our medical pet care products ensure that you have everything you need for the best post surgery experience. 

We look forward to serving you and your furry friends with the care and dedication they deserve.

About us


Many pets who undergo surgery or any medical procedure, are normally prescribed a plastic cone, popularly known as the “cone of shame.”
This is done to avoid them from licking or chewing at their sutures until it heals.
While the cone tends to do its basic work, it also puts the animal into extreme physical and mental stress.
The cone restricts their sight, their movement and simple activities like eating, playing, sleeping and running. It keeps the wounds unprotected.
This leads to accidents such as pets bumping into walls and falling down, creating stress for the pet owners too.
Owing to this stress, many pet owners remove the cone to give relief to pets and have to be awake all night.
This is where our product comes in. An innovative recovery solution for pets to give them a very pleasant recovery experience.