Your pet will no longer fear the vet!

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Taking your companion to the vet has always been a challenge?

It’s crucial to understand why your pets hate the vet. In this regard pets are similar to human children. Remember when your parents took you to the doctor for a shot? It is for their own good but you can’t tell them that. So next time try these ways to get around the discomfort and resistance.

1. Nose work:

A dog’s sense of smell can be sharpened by training to increase their confidence, when taking them to a place they aren’t familiar with i.e. the vet.

2. Casual visits:

Ask if you can bring your pet for a friendly, non-procedural visit, walk him/her around the clinic, reward good behavior, let your pet know the vet isn’t all bad.

3. Owner first:

When your pet shows signs of discomfort, we tend to panic more. We may hastily rush them to the vet. Your pets may associate that aggression to the clinic. Calm owner = calm pets.

4. The touch:

Get your pets used to being touched at home by grooming them or while playing with them, so they don’t freak out at the vet.

5. Anti-carrier:

In the case of cats, using sports bags or harnesses instead of the cage like carriers to take them to the vet is better.

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