Knowing the signs of allergies in your dog


Your dog is someone you can rely on always and never let go of. But alas, sometimes you are not the only things that may cling on to them. No matter how hard we try, despite all precautions and care, allergies are way too common a condition seen in pets and can be hard to address. With this in mind, your priority as a pet parent should be to quickly identify and eliminate any unnecessary contact with the allergen responsible for discomforting your canine.


Identifying the allergies:

Sneezing & wheezing: Certain allergens can cause forms of respiratory problems. Frequent wheezing could be caused by chemicals or perfumes acting as the allergen. However, dogs suffering from an allergic reaction tend to ‘reverse sneeze’ an action of sucking in air as a natural response to itch in the throat.

Relentless itch: Itching is often a way for dogs to clean themselves after spending the day playing out in the open. However, when this daily action turns into an obsessive urge, it’s best to take proper precautions by either visiting the vet or checking for skin allergies/infections.

Diarrhea & vomiting: This is a major symptom seen in dogs suffering from food allergies where food products or food additives act as the allergen. This reaction can also be invoked by ingesting any substance that may have come in contact with pesticides or external allergens like grass.


Appropriate and effective treatment:

Anti-inflammatory treatment: Certain Anti-inflammatory drugs can help curb the allergic reaction, giving you more time to figure out the cause behind the allergy.

Shampoo relief: Some allergies are triggered by unhygienic habits. These can be resolved with a thorough wash using hypoallergenic shampoos.

Home Cooked diet: If your doggo has an allergic reaction triggered by the dog-food he/she consumes. You might want to consider changing up their diet and resorting to home cooked meals. You can then keep track of the ingredient used and identify the allergen.

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