Is head pressing a sign of medical emergency for your pet?

Knowing that your pet is going through odds, often comes with the signs of usual and abnormal behavior. Slothfulness, deteriorating interaction, laziness and are some of them. But one sign that usually acts as an SOS, is head pressing. While a pet head presses, it stands against a wall, bringing its forehead in touch with the wall surface and pressuring its body with the motion. This is closely linked to several neurological reasons, and you might want to rush your pet to the vet right after observing the symptom. Read on to know some major reasons for head pressing:

Neurological Disease: Just like humans, every organ including the brain can experience injury and deterioration in pets too. This injury, slowly (or in some cases, immediately) develops to cause unbearable pain in the pets’ head. Any severe disease might also need surgery, and you as a pet owner, need to make sure that you reach timely appointments and make your pet as comfortable as possible.

Poisoning: Heavy signs of poisoning can damage the brain, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. You need to be aware of the fact that, as a pet owner, you have added responsibility to take care of the pet like a just-born-child. Post-surgical care calls for timely appointments, and there are high chances that your pet might just recover. To avoid the circumstances, make sure you monitor the food allergies and content intakes of your beloved pet.

Trauma: The severity of trauma depends on the blowout. However, the list of unfortunate happenings does not end there. Depending on the cause of the trauma, it may also lead to a stroke or even a brain tumor.

Many other reasons might lead your pets to perform the head pressing symptom, but what tops the list is how early you observe the actions and diagnose the correct cause of head pressing.

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