Prepare your pet for a cozy winter

It’s the season of happiness and joy, a time of bliss and festive wonder. As we hoomans indulge in the rich feeling of winter, we often find our 4 legged counterparts facing the inconveniences of the harsh cold that accompanies the season.
So this winter, let’s help them feel the warm of the holiday season by following the tips below to curb this needless effort:

1. Protective coat: While some animals from naturally cold lands have thick fur coats to cope with the chilling winds. Some short furred pets need a little extra in the form of a small coat that covers body from the neck to base of the tail while covering their belly too.

2. Safety from heaters: In the cold, it’s natural for your pet to seek comfort from any heat producing source. In this case, make sure your radiators, heater, and/or fireplaces are properly guarded so your companion is protected from any burns.

3. Avoid excess feeding: Having on an extra layer is great for the winters as long as the extra layer isn’t a necessary layer of fat! The cold makes animals less active and lazy. This lack of exercise could be disastrous for your pet in the long run.

4. Keep them dry: Making sure your pet doesn’t get wet and stay that way in the cold is extremely important. Negligence of this condition could lead to terrible health issues for them.

5. Paw check: Make it a point to check your pet’s paws after outing and clean any residue that could leave their paws brittle. A constant check for frostbite is also a good routine.

6. Sunbathing when possible: If you are lucky enough to catch a little sun seize this opportunity to talk your pet for a little walk in the sun. They would mind heating up a little in the sun and it will also keep them in tip toe health.

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