Keeping your pet’s gear clean and germ free

Over the past year we have learnt a lot about the importance of disinfecting our surroundings to preserve our well being and good health. So it goes without saying that if proper hygiene and precautionary measures can do wonders in keeping you healthy then doing the same for your pet can reap benefits just as promising.

Here are a few ways of appropriately disinfecting your pet’s gear that you should consider fitting in your routine:

Toy soak:

You can soak your pet’s toys in a solution made up of 1/3 part vinegar and 2/3 part water. After an appropriate amount of time, rinse them thoroughly and keep them to dry. This is a much better and safer bet than using bleach.

Leash disinfecting:

Leashes are notorious hotspots for germs and bacteria. This makes it important to clean it regularly. For this, you can thoroughly scrub your pet’s leash in soapy water. Once cleaned, hang it out to dry in the sun to get rid of any linger bacteria.

Food bowl wash:

While a healthy diet is important for your pet’s well being, the hygienic state of their food bowl can make or break their health. Soaking the bowl in hot water to kill all germs is recommended. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals and ensure the soap used is washed away completely.

Bed cleaning:

You can make it a weekly habit to vacuum their resting area. This would remove all dirt, dust and shedded hair. A regular washing of their bed covers will always prove to be helpful. Consider setting the temperature of the water to around 140 degree Fahrenheit and dry in the sun after for clean bacteria free sheets for your pet.

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