Eye care your pet deserves.

It’s important to know your pets have fragile eyes. Wondering how? Think about it. Your pets are blessed with a coat of fur that surrounds them completely. In addition to this, their bone structure around their eyes are unique too. These reasons contribute to the risk of eye infection.

So how do you keep your pet’s eyes as good as new?


The first step to solve a problem is to identify it. In the case of kittens, it’s relatively easier to spot infection.

  • Redness of eyes
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Visible discharge

are some symptoms.

Dogs give out some noticeable reactions too, in addition to the above symptoms.

  • Pawing at eyes
  • Holding eyes closed
  • Light sensitivity

When faced with such uninvited conditions few steps must be taken.

Eye wash pads- Purchasing an easy to use eye wash pad is never a waste when you own a pet. These pads are used to rid excessive tear stains.

Eye Lubricant- It’s no secret that pets love to play and it could something get a bit rough. Whether it’s a small scratch or something dangerous, an eye lubricant can help in the healing process.

Re-adjust their diet- A health digestive, liver and immune system are the most important factor to be considered to reduce eye discharge. Even though a brand processed food product is labeled organic it may not give your pets the nutrients they need.

Trim long hair- Make sure that your pet’s hair stays out of their eye. Doing so will ensure their condition doesn’t worsen and allow the treatment to be effective.

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