A Small Guide to Pet-Friendly Apartments


Are you a pet-owner who is looking forward to rent an apartment that allows pets? This blog is certainly for you.

First things first, if you too are in search of an apartment that not only accommodates you but also your furry friend, then understand the facts better. Any apartment that is accommodating need not be comforting and friendly. Imagine the discomfort if you genuinely don’t enjoy the place. Same is true for your pet.

“Pet allowing apartments” are a thing of the past. Many landlords usually present a long list of Do’s and Don’ts which cannot fit with your pet. This is definitely disheartening. But being a pet-owner you can make a choice to do things differently, to look out for different options for your pet’s comfort. Your pet is your family, and that’s the only thing which should matter in the end.

Instead of dealing with the long rulebook of “pet allowing apartments” try out “pet friendly apartments”. This will save much of discomfort. Choose happiness above all.


Apartments that are friendly and welcoming to not only humans but also to their pets are known as pet-friendly apartments. Normally they have everything what your pet may need. Essentially, they are known for specific pet amenities aimed at making your furry companion at peace and comfort. (No one loves a grumpy companion!)


The unique feature of such apartments is their location. Usually you will find them located near parks grounds or tracks that are meant for dogs/other pets. And just like you, anyone with a pet will first think about a place that caters first to their pet’s needs. They are excellent not only for you, but also for your pet’s social’s life. You can also be assured of the presence of a Veterinary nearby. Some other amenities include – on-site dog washes or pet-sitting areas. Majority of these being communal enjoy an added advantage of social gatherings.


They seem to be the same at the face-value. But the reverse is true. “Pet allowed” apartments may not be equally warm, welcoming and giving as compared to “Pet-friendly”. The buildings may have certain restrictions about loud animal noises, litter, messes and odours.  As stated above, the former comes with a rulebook which everyone may not like. It is often seen that a greater inclination is always towards “Pet friendly” apartments.


The answer is NO. Even though the apartments are pet-friendly, it isn’t necessary that they allow all kinds of pets. It is wiser to have a related conversation with the landlords before making any decision.

What are your thoughts on “pet-friendly” apartments? Have you been to one? Let us know in the comments section!

We care for your pet’s comfort, joy, health and happiness. Check our website and gift your pet some comfort today!


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