Helpful ways to give your pets their pills


We can all agree that taking pills isn’t any pet’s strongest suit but can you blame them? This is because it’s not natural for a pet to take medication. That said but it also is just as crucial for their health that they do. So how can you, a pet parent go about this predicament? We have a few tricks and tips you can use to effortlessly get your pets to take their pills with minimum to no discomfort at all! Of course it goes without saying that, you should ask your vet before trying out any of the below methods.

Camouflaging pills in food:
This is one of the easiest methods to administer a pill to your ailing pet. This hides the taste of the pill and chances are your pet will dig down on it like usual without noticing any difference. One important thing to note however, is you need to be very careful if you have multiple pets in ensuring that the prescribed medication is being taken correct pet.

Physical stimulation:
When administering the pill you cannot (and should not) force your pet physically to swallow it. This makes things 10 time harder and you might even get bitten in the process. Instead place the pill behind their tongue’s hump, then close their mouth and start stroking their throat downwards to get them to swallow.

Don’t make it obvious:
Your pets intuition is nothing to laugh about they if they see you unbottling the pill’s bottle that they dread so much it wouldn’t take long for them to connect the dots and stay away. If your pet hates taking pills you might want to consider preparing it away from them so it doesn’t instill any fear in them instantly.

Crush it up:
But wait before you do! ask your vet is you can. While the powder of a crush pill is easy to take in, if the pill is bitter it’ll make things worse even mixing it in a meal may change the taste of the meal leading them to reject the food too.

Trick or Treat:
All pets love it when their parent rewards them after doing a trick or something positive. You can use this to get them to have their medication too. Just Wrap up the pill in a compact treat and the next time your pet looks for a treat you can ‘treat their health’ along with giving them the reward they love.

We hope these tricks come handy to you and your pet and we also do wish for them to get well soon!

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