Top Tips to Bathe your Dog the Right Way

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Top Tips to Bathe your Dog the Right Way

Every dog has a different relation with the water. Some love to splash water all over, some love to swim, some love to lie down while others may simply be petrified.

If you are a brand new dog parent, then this blog is for you!

How often does your dog need to bathe?

Once in 3 months is recommended usually. If your dog has a habit of swimming in salty water or jumping in muddy puddles then once a week is standard.

Remember, over washing can lead to dry skin and removal of natural oils from the fur.

What is the best place?

Kitchen sink is the safe place for a small puppy. For a grown up buddy though, your bath tu or a separate dog bath tub outside is advisable.

How to keep your dog calm?

  • Begin by playing some games before taking them for a bath. Assure that you’ll be spending some time together.
  • Lure them in the tub with a water-proof toy. They won’t mind as they’re already in a playful mood.
  • Treats always work the best. So bribe them to listen!
  • Use a non-slip mat so they don’t slip and panic.
  • Ensure that the water isn’t too hot. (You definitely don’t wish to scare away your dog)
  • Don’t leave them alone. Be sure that you keep everything nearby.
  • In the beginning, go for a small amount of time and later build on it.

Make it fun!

  • Praise them so they know that you are happy with them.
  • Distract them from water with some of their favourite treats.
  • Use a tool with water sprayer and a massager.
  • Play with them afterwards so they are ready for the bath next time.

Bathe your Dog this way!

  • Brush your dog before the bath.
  • Dampen your dog’s fur with lukewarm water.
  • Use a dog friendly shampoo.
  • Rinse carefully with lukewarm water. Avoid eyes and face.
  • Towel-dry as much as you can.
  • Let your dog air dry.
  • Reward your dog with treats for their good behavior!

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