What is your cat trying to tell you without telling you anything?


We admit… that title might have confused you a little but guess who are just as confusing… CATS!!

That said do you want to get to know your pet feline a little better? That’s great!! Cats are, after all, one of the most expressive from their lineage, if not the most. Apart from this, it’s no secret that these little balls of fur are masters & mistresses of mood swings. This does unfortunately mean that making the wrong read can lead to things going south sooner than you realize. But hey, someone has to be the calm and composed one in this relationship, and judging your eagerness to learn more, we’re guessing you love your cat just enough to take up that role.

So let’s hurry up and start with one of the most distinctive parts of a cat – Their Ears!

  • Pointed forward – The sight of your cat’s ears pointed forward is special one. This usually means they are in a playful and relaxed mood.
  • Straight and pointed up – This position usually indicates that your cat is alerted by something and is ready to put those sharp hearing to work.
  • Flattened against their head – If a cat has their ears in this position, they’re either really mad and ready to strike, very scared or startled.

Next up is a cat’s most captivating feature – Their Eyes!

  • Slow half-eyed blinks – This cute little behavior means your cat is comfortable & happy around you. lucky you!
  • Dilated pupils – Now this one is tricky. Dilated pupils could mean your cat is either excited, angry, or scared. Your best bet in this situation would be to read the room and go from there.
  • Vertically slitted pupils – This on the other hand is very obvious to decipher. Your cat is NOT happy. We wish you luck in diffusing the situation.

Moving over from the facial area, it’s time to understand the ‘body’ in body language.

  • Laying on the back with the stomach exposed – This is a sign of a comfortable and relaxed cat. Your cat must really trust you.
  • Pouncy & Energetic – If you find your cat with moves like jagger, they are feeling playful and excited.
  • Arched back – If your cat instinctively moves in this pose. They are extremely frightened or angry. You should stay calm and act slowly without doing anything rash.

Now that we’ve covered the majority of their body, let’s see what tales their tail has to tell.

  • Wagging their tail side to side – Unlike their canine companions, cat don’t wag their tail when they are happy. This usually means they are irritated.
  • A rigid and straightened up tail – This is a sign of an angry and agitated cat. Be alert he/she might pounce on you at any second.
  • Curled up tail – A curled up tail is a sign of happy & playful cat. You must be doing something right!

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