Things you do that might hurt your pet unintentionally.


We all love our pets. And who wouldn’t? They’re the most adorable, most lovable, and innocent little beings in our lives. But did you know, no matter how many cuddles we shower them with, despite all the unconditional love we give them, we could sometimes also engage in things that may be unintentionally harming them.

So what are these things? Let’s identify them!

  • Smoking while close to them:
    While it’s no secret that this habit can be harmful to your own health, it can also affect your pet. These effects, in worst cases, can be seen in the form of allergic skin disease, heart problems, nasal infections, etc.
  • Letting them lick our skin after applying creams:
    Our pets love to express their affection toward their parent, and a lot of times, they do it by licking them. However, experts say that when we apply our moisturizers, it’s best to stop the licking as the ingredients of these lotions can poison our pet.
  • Sharing certain ‘human’ foods with them:
    Pets are built differently from humans. This fact also stretches to their nutritional needs. While a few food items can be harmless, a few foods like chocolates, onions, garlic, sweets, and more can have terrible effects.
  • Watching TV with high volume or loud music:
    It’s easy to forget that most of our furry friends are extremely sensitive to loud noises and sounds. So while you wind down at the end of a long day by watching your favorite show or listening to the latest album of your favorite band, make sure you maintain the volume to a pet-friendly threshold.

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