Fun Brain Games for Dogs

Getting a pet dog is a great experience. He starts as a puppy with baby steps in your house and eventually becomes an indivisible part of your life. As a pet parent, wouldn’t it be joyful to teach him some games which will hone its skills? Here are some games that you can create from the comfort of your home and make your buddy enjoy them.

  1. Treasure Hunt
    In the beginning, they need to be trained to use their senses more often like smell. Start by hiding his favourite toy or any object in an obvious place. After finding reward him with a treat. Slowly increase the difficulty by hiding the toy under a box or a rug etc. Your canine friend will start to rely on his smell more than his eyes.
  2.  Cup game
    You might have seen this game many times in a carnival or on a TV show. Hide a treat or toy under a cup and line up two or three more cups like it. Start shuffling the cups and ask your dog to find the correct one. If he does reward him and if he doesn’t repeat the round. This game will help in improving his mental stimulation and alertness.
  3. Hide & Seek
    A game we all have played for hours in our childhood. Now it’s time for your buddy to take the dan. Ask your dog to stay in a place while you go and hide. Then call out his name and he will start using his senses to find you.
  4. Towel roll
    Take an old towel or a cloth and spread treats on it. Start rolling the towel so that the treats start folding on each layer of the cloth. Ask your dog to unfold it so that every time he unfolds a layer it will automatically reward him with treats.

While some of these games can be difficult for you to teach your little tyke, a wagging tail and a smile on his face at the end of the day will make it worth it! So grab a stick, a toy or a biscuit and get playing with your Fido!

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