Ditch the Cone, Embrace Comfort with MAXX recovery suits

Forget the “cone of shame” for all your pets! Unleash the power of the MAXX Recovery Suit, a versatile suit available for dogs, cats, and rabbits, offering comfort and healing beyond just surgery. This innovative garment goes beyond the typical recovery attire, acting as a cozy companion for various situations.

Wound Woes Be Gone: Accidents happen, leaving cuts, scrapes, or hot spots on your furry friend, regardless of species. While traditional recovery suits might feel restrictive, the MAXX Suit steps up with:

  • Super-soft, breathable fabric for ultimate comfort and reduced skin irritation for all pets.
  • Snug fit that gently covers wounds, preventing licking and chewing while allowing natural movement.
  • Separate inner layer to keep bandages cool and protected, promoting faster healing.

Compared to cones, MAXX Suits allow comfortable play and rest, speeding up recovery without restriction.

Allergy? Suit Up! Itchy skin from allergies can drive any pet crazy, leading to excessive scratching and self-harm. The MAXX Suit, available in various styles with head coverings for all animals, acts as a protective barrier:

  • Prevents reaching sensitive areas, soothing irritated skin and reducing stress.
  • Features breathable mesh for optimal comfort and ventilation, even for floppy-eared breeds and cats.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different breeds, needs, and species, ensuring a comfortable and effective solution for your allergy-prone pet.
  • Zipper for easy access to wounds during vet visits, convenient for all animals.

Hotspot Hero: Hotspots are inflamed, irritated areas often caused by excessive licking or chewing. Cones can worsen the situation, but MAXX Suits offer:

  • Gentle compression on the affected area to soothe discomfort and promote healing.
  • Coverage that discourages licking and chewing, preventing further self-mutilation and accelerating recovery for all pets.
  • Easy-access closures for convenient cleaning and monitoring without removing the entire suit.

Anxiety Soother on Four Legs (and Paws): Some pets, including cats and rabbits, experience anxiety during vet visits, car rides, or even loud noises. The MAXX Suit acts as a comforting “swaddle”:

  • A gentle, hug-like fit that promotes a sense of security and reduces stress levels for all animals.
  • Soft, breathable fabric that prevents overheating and anxiety-inducing tightness.
  • Stylish designs that make your pet look and feel their best, even during stressful situations.

Beyond Surgery, for Everyone: Remember, the MAXX Recovery Suit isn’t just post-surgery wear. It’s a versatile suit for various needs.

Always consult your veterinarian before using any recovery suit, especially if your pet has underlying health issues. They can recommend the appropriate size and type for your furry friend’s specific needs.

Choose MAXX Recovery Suits and unlock their potential to keep your dog, cat, or rabbit comfortable, happy, and healing, cone-free! Make those recovery periods full of comfort and joy instead of restricted movement.

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