MAXX – Best alternative to the ‘Cone of Shame’ for dogs

There’s a reason why we call dog – A man’s best friend. We learn so many things from a dog’s behaviour, personality, demeanour, resiliency, and most importantly, the willingness to provide the family members with unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship till their very last breath. When a dog gives you its EVERYTHING, you can at least give them comfort in their most inconvenient situations. Injuries, skin diseases or surgeries cause a lot of inconvenience to dogs. You can help them by providing them an alternative to the traditional ‘Cone of Shame’. Maxx products is the best alternative to cone of shame. It gives the much-needed care and comfort to your dog. It avoids banging into the walls and allows them to move around freely without disturbing their wounds or stitches.

Comfort by Maxx products

Cone of shame has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It adequately protects your dog’s injury from chewing or licking but becomes very uncomfortable for your dog to sleep, eat and drink. You don’t want an upside-down smiley on your dog’s face after you make them wear cone of shame. Maxx has the best alternative to the traditional cone of shame. Maxx dog pet shirts are designed as per the anatomy of the dog to provide a convenient way to assist incontinence and inflammation. It has the following advantages:

It is soft breathable, hypo-allergenic and stretchable fabric dog shirt for pets They are manufactured with the most modern systems to provide dog’s comfortIt allows air to access the wounds to heal after surgery, injury, spay, neuter, hotspots and other skin ailments Fabric can be used in all seasons because it is 96% cotton and 4% spandex/Lycra

Care by Maxx products

Your dog’s recovery and care is now our concern. Maxx dog shirt has multipurpose uses:

Snug Fit for comfort: The shirt is designed with two tail straps at the back, ensuring a snug fit that protects the entire body. This gives a warm and secure feeling to your pet and a hassle-free experience to the owner.

Easy Roll-up for convenience: The shirt has an opening from behind for easy roll up and flap back for litter. This means you can take your dog for a walk without removing the shirt and roll-up shirt whenever your dog jumps in a puddle or plays around. Let them be carefree with Maxx.

Internal Pocket for additional care: It has an internal pocket to hold a soft gauze, ice packs or a pad for additional dressing. The internal pocket also helps with absorption of discharge and protects the stitches from pet-licking through the fabric. This only means that you do not need to change the entire shirt or have any risk of soaked wound.

Zip for Easy Access: MAXX Pet Shirts have a zipper on one side of the shirt to enable easy access to the wound and the internal pocket. Timely supervision will be possible. Please note care needs to be taken to place your finger under the zip lock while closing it to avoid entangling in pet hair.

A dog wearing cone of shame is not a happy dog. Maxx works for the happiness and comfort of your dog. While you lead a good life, give your dog the best life with Maxx. Every dog is special and so are their needs!


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