How to keep your precious pet winter safe?

Snow has started pouring and snowman has started looking for companions. You and your furry pet can be one good companion but only if you prep your pet well to face the snowy cold. During winters, possibilities are high with pets accumulating ticks on their body, itching due to dampness or dryness of skin, swelling on the injury, occurring of blisters or burns on body, etc. All these problems can leave pet and pet parents in a predicament. Read on to know about the care you can take to keep your pet safe during winters.

Fur protection

White soft snow can be seventh heaven to live in for anybody. One of the common problems during winters is that of moisture accumulating in the fur of your pet. This causes dampness on the skin which further leads to skin ailments. Make them wear hypo-allergic shirts which protect the skin of the pet from unwanted allergies. Protect your pet with clothing that avoids accumulation of snow on the fur and doesn’t allow the snow to seep in.

Suture protection

Post-surgery sensation is quite dreadful for your little ones. Sutures become dry during winters which lead to skin irritation. Make your pet wear shirts made up of cotton fabric to let the sutures breathe and not make them scratch. A lot of medical pet care clothing is made from the latest systems and high quality fabric to ensure pet safety and comfort needed post the surgery. Search for alternatives for the traditional Cone of Shame or E-collar. These plastic cones make your bump into walls or furniture. So prefer medical clothing that is a snug-fit to your pet’s body and is openable from behind for an easy roll up to view sutures, for poop and pee.

Hotspot protection

Pets have a tendency to develop hot areas on the body during winter months which are called hot spots. While playing in snow, they might get hurt that causes hot spots or abrasion. Prefer comfortable clothing that has an internal pocket to keep an ice pack. These hot areas can be cooled with ice packs that provide relief to your darling pet.

Blister protection

Salt acts as a corrosive irritant to the paws or skin of your pet. If the salt is not cleaned properly, it might be licked by your pet that might develop blisters on paws, burns on the skin or might make them vomit. Salty nature of the snow is also one of the reasons why blisters occur on the paws. Comfortable, proper-sized boots are the best to keep the paws protected. Secondly, woollen pet care clothing gives your pet the warmth and happy feeling while strolling in those cold days in a garden or playground.

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