Keeping your cat’s coat healthy


A cat’s fur coat has a lot of different uses and importance which changes from person to person and of course from one cat to another. However, if there’s one thing that we all can agree on, it’s that cat’s coats are their most attractive and precious feature, making everyone who sets their eyes on it instantly fall in love.

It’s no secret that cats tend to shed their fur over time. While usually, that’s no big deal. Excessive shedding of fur should never be ignored.

Why does your cat NEED the coat?

  • Sensory assistance: Cats are extremely sensitive gifts of nature. Their sensitivity to touch is in particular credit to their fur. Without it, they would feel helpless and vulnerable.
  • Climate coat: Just like we wear jackets/sweaters during harsh weather conditions, a cat’s coat is its best protection to keep them comfortable and safe from these harsh conditions.
  • Keeping healthy: As unrelated as it may sound, the fact remains that the fur growing on cats helps them gain essential nutrients like vitamin D and keep them shielded from diseases likely to enter the sweat glands.


How to control excessive coat shedding?

  • Balanced diet: For a healthy coat, your pet needs a balanced and omega-rich diet. This helps promote a healthy coat.
  • Keep them hydrated: Cats that don’t drink enough water, more often than not, have dry skin and coats, resulting in the molting of their hair. So make sure you keep their bowl full to the brim with clean, fresh, cool water to drink.
  • The overweight crisis: When some cats get fat, they stop being able to reach their whole bodies for cleaning. In this case, regularly play with your cat as an exercise for them to become more active. You can consult the vet for an appropriate diet too.
  • Stress control: Cats shed more when they feel nervous, scared, anxious, or just stressed in general. To ease them up, you need to find the cause of their distress and get rid of it. You can also make them a place that they can climb and feel safe in.

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