Here’s how you tackle your cat’s bad habits

We all love our adorable cats, but it’s true that occasionally the same adorable furballs do things that give us a hard time. We’d like to cover some common behavior habits that most cat owners hate to see their cat indulge in and give you some tips to help you either correct their habit or find an efficient way to deal with them.

Coughing up Hairballs on the Carpet

Every cat owner has come across this, when you hear the awful sound and go check it out to find your cat has coughed out a hairball on the carpet, which is extremely difficult to clean up.

Remedy this habit:

It’s important to know that throwing up is not a pleasant experience for the cat, so when they have to do it they try to choose the most comforting place for it, that place just so happens to be your carpet. What you can do to avoid this problem is, while grooming them, comb or brush their fur off them keeping them from ingesting the loose fur.

Peeing on the bed

Some could say the reason for this is the lack of litter use, sometimes it could be because of certain medical conditions, or just the fact that they love the comfort of your new sheets when they do their business.

Remedy this habit:

To get your cat into forming a healthy habit of using the litter box is something that may take time but will eventually be worth it. You can do this by cleaning it regularly. If they continue, try to find a certain kind of litter your cat prefers. And if all else fails try to keep your bed or sofa covered with a plastic sheet until they learn the right way.

Clawing furniture

Nobody likes to come home to see their claw marks on their cupboards or favorite coffee table. Fixing furniture is time taking and expensive at times, so the best way is to teach your cat not to do it.

Remedy this habit:

The most straightforward solution would be to declaw them, but if you want another way out you can go ahead and purchase a ‘cat scratching post’ to substitute your furniture. To get your cat to scratch the post instead of your couch you gotta get creative and cover the accessible parts of the couch so they are discouraged to choose it over the post. Once your cat gets used to the post your furniture should be safe.

Jumping on counters

Cats love to be where their owners go, so many times when you’re in the kitchen they would jump on the counter. This could not only result in knocking something off, but it could also be risky as they could harm themselves too.

Remedy this habit:

Make sure to keep anything your cat likes (like a toy or food) away from the counter. If they love to get up there without any purpose try discouraging them to do so by placing a mix of vinegar and water, as the smell would urge them to stay away. The key is to not let your cat think you’re hiding something up there.

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