post-surgery wound healing for dogs

Post-surgery wound care

Proper post-surgery wound care is crucial for the successful and speedy recovery of dogs, as wounds are a common concern for pet owners following surgery.

Keep the Wound Clean and Dry

Cleaning the wound regularly and keeping it dry can help prevent infections and promote healing. Pet owners should follow their veterinarian’s instructions for wound cleaning and use only recommended products..

Use Protective Clothing

MAXX PET Medical pet care clothing provides optimal post-surgery wound protection by offering dogs an additional layer of protection against licking and scratching, all while ensuring maximum comfort during the recovery period.

. Prevent Licking and Chewing

Using MAXX PET Medical pet care clothing can be a more comfortable and effective alternative to cones or other protective devices for preventing dogs from licking or chewing on their wounds, thereby reducing the risk of complications and infections.

Administer Medications as Prescribed

To ensure the best possible outcome for post-surgery wound healing, pet owners should administer prescribed medications, including antibiotics and painkillers, exactly as directed by their veterinarian.

Monitor for Signs of Infection 

Pet owners should monitor their dog’s wound for signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, discharge, or a foul smell. If any of these signs occur, they should contact their veterinarian immediately.